The Institution of Engineers Pakistan (IEP) was established in 1948. It is the premier national body of engineers working for the advancement of engineering profession. It has head-quarters at Lahore and centers in all major cities of Pakistan as well as in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Tri States (New Jersey, New York and Connecticut). IEP has signed technical collaboration agreements with more than forty professional Engineering Organizations across the globe. IEP is also the member of six international / regional engineering bodies and has the honor to represent Pakistan at these forums. IEP Karachi Centre is the biggest center of IEP.

International Mechanical Engineering Conference (IMEC) is the flagship conference of Institution of Pakistan (IEP) and its Organizing partner NED University, Karachi. IMEC is being organized frequently for almost two decades. It has become a regular forum for researchers, students, and engineers to present and exchange ideas in latest technological advancements and innovations. Last year, in 2019, a two days 9th International Mechanical Engineering Conference was jointly organized by IEP and NED University of Engineering and Technology.

NED University is one of the oldest engineering institutions in Pakistan. It offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degree programs, aimed at preparing students to shoulder their professional responsibilities and enable them to contribute in research and development in related fields. Various seminars and conferences are held every year which not only provide practical exposure to students but also a platform for academia-industry collaboration.

World is defined by the advances and innovations in different fields of Engineering and Sciences. The increase in the demand and large energy requirements, Mechanical engineers can be at the forefront of developing new technology for environmental remediation, farming and food production, housing, transportation, safety, security, healthcare and water resources.

Keeping in the view of the contribution of Mechanical Engineering in the advancement in different fields, IEP and its Organizing partner NED University is going to organize the 10th International Mechanical Engineering Conference (IMEC-2020) on April 3rd and 4th, 2020 under the theme “Green Practices in Mechanical Engineering”. The IMEC 2020 will offer a wealth of resources regarding latest mechanical and industrial engineering activities and processes in the world. Extensive participation from scientists, engineers, managers, NGO representatives, legislators and policy makers is anticipated.